Hold the phone: Toe shoes are making a comeback

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It seems that toe shoes are making a fashionable resurgence. Jonathan Anderson, the innovative chairman and founder of J.W. Anderson and innovative head of Loewe, is making a dispute for the unique footwear selection. If we learned anything from “The Devil Wears Prada, ” the shoes will run down to the mainstream within a year.

Whether its tracksuits a la Armie Hammer or the Kanye West-approved, influencer favorite mini sunglasses, whimsical fashion seems to be having a moment. And as if there weren’t already fairly confusing statement pieces out there, decorator toe shoes are now to fix you rethink everything you thought you know about style.

Jonathan Anderson, the artistic chairman and the founding fathers of J.W. Anderson and inventive lead of Loewe, is making a dispute for the unique footwear hand-picked. Anderson debuted two variations of the style that will be part of Loewe’s 2019 resort accumulation on Instagram over the weekend. See the rest of the legend at Business Insider

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