Wayne Rooney is in talks to come to MLS — Here is how the English soccer legend makes and spends his millions

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Wayne Rooney is in talks to make the jump from the English Premier League to D.C. United of the MLS this summer with a deal that would reportedly pay him nearly $21 million per year.

The contract would undoubtedly help Rooney and his wife maintain their lavish lifestyle.

Rooney may not have the Hollywood appeal of David Beckham or Zlatan Ibrahimovic, but he and his wife have expensive tastes with homes all over the world and an extensive car collection with high-end price tags.

Below we take a closer look at the fabulous life of Wayne Rooney.

While Rooney is best known for his time with Manchester United, he got his start playing for Everton when he was just 17.
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When Rooney was transferred from Everton to Manchester United, he was making £45,000 a week or about $3.9 million a year.
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SOURCE: The Guardian

In 2014, Rooney caused quite a stir when he was given a new 5.5-year contract that would pay him £300,000 a week, or about $21 million a year through 2018.
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