Florida School Shooting Survivor Emma Gonzalez Is Absolutely Dismantling Politicians & The NRA At An Anti-Gun Rally Right Now WATCH!

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Today, an anti-gun rally is taking place at the school down in Florida as we speak, and Gonzalez is absolutely leading the charge against the NRA, and against politicians who accept NRA money, in a measured, intelligent, effective clap back against the gun rights crowd.

And she’s being absolutely brilliant!!!

Watch her completely dismantle gun culture and the shitty politics of our country regarding guns (below)!!!

Watch out, Marco Rubio! This girl is coming for your job — and she’s already doing a better job than you ever have!!

It wasn’t lost on the world just how fiery Emma was on stage, either!

Ch-ch-check out the BEST reactions to her world-changing words (below)!!!


We are truly in awe of her, too!!

Let’s hope the change ACTUALLY comes from this…

[Image via CNN.]

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