Netflix Sought To Purchase A Chain Of Movie Theaters

The next step for the streaming giant, or a step backward? Read more: huffingtonpost.com

30+ Hilariously Accurate Celebrity Portraits By Tw1tter Picasso Are So Bad They Got Him 167,000+ Followers

If you are a huge fan of Drake or Nicki Minaj, these portraits might make you mad. “I’ve been drawing since I was zero years old,” Ballpoint Papi aka Tw1tterPicasso [ … ]

A woman’s fury holds lifetimes of wisdom | Tracee Ellis Ross

The global collection of women’s experiences can no longer be ignored, says actress and activist Tracee Ellis Ross. In a candid, fearless talk, she delivers invitations to a better future [ … ]

9 Super Famous Celebs You Never Knew Had Look-Alike Siblings

via: Getty Whose brother do you think this is? Hint: There’s a very strong family resemblance. Advertisement via: Getty It’s Emma Watson! That’s her brother, Alex. She also has a half-brother [ … ]

‘Austin Powers’ Actor Verne Troyer Dies At 49

Troyer was 49 years old. Troyer’s representatives did not disclose a cause of death but said that the actor “was a fighter when it came to his own battles.” “Depression [ … ]

Ben Stiller plays Michael Cohen on ‘SNL,’ gets interrogated by longtime film adversary

Saturday Night Live debuted a new impression of Michael Cohen, Donald Trump’s friend and lawyer, and Ben Stiller seems like the perfect choice. And then he faces an interrogation by Robert [ … ]

Stringify relaunches to automate the Comcast smart home

Stringify, an IFTTT-like app that lets consumers control and automate their smart home devices, was quietly snatched up by Comcast last fall to join the company’s larger efforts involving the smart home [ … ]

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